Our Framework
All our methods and activities organised by stage. Go crazy!

You can read more about how to use our framework here.


The activities in our Foundation stage helps you bring your team closer together, and helps you facilitate inclusive and joyful sessions. Creating a safe space among the participants is so important, when having to think up the new. So, use these activities to ensure that everyone is equally ready to co-create better futures.

Stage 1

The first vital step in anticipating and preparing for any future is understanding who you are, where you are standing, and who you have with you to drive the change. The activities in this stage will help you do that.

Stage 2

In our second stage we enable you to start building one or more futures through a series of activities that helps you bring story, context and meaning to your future world, helping you express what is otherwise very difficult to describe.

Stage 3

We genuinely believe that to understand anything you have to experience it. Through our work, we’ve seen firsthand how powerful it is to do something different than another Powerpoint, which is why we have dedicated an entire stage to help you make your futures work tangible and experiential.

Stage 4

You understand the present, you have built a desirable future for your organisation, and your stakeholders are all onboard… Now what? Well, now its time to make it happen, action it and be the change that is needed to take your organisation to a better future.

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