What & why

This card is all about turning a set of future personas into short, fictional, user stories through creative writing and touchpoint mapping. Having built a futures world (eg. through the "What If" or "Futures Wheel" cards), it's about time you start focusing on its people. Who lives in this future? What are their needs, wants and goals, and how does a normal day in their world look? Make your futures world more specific by telling stories from a relevant future human.


The first thing you have to consider is who you want to focus on in your futures world, and what kind of situation they are in. Decide in the team: Who is the most relevant and/or interesting user for your organisation? Don't overthink it. Creating personas like this normally takes ages, and doing it like this might seem a bit superficial in comparison. But that's okay. When telling rapid future stories the user doesn't have to be 'right', they just have to be relevant and interesting.

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