What & why

You are about to venture into the unknown. Scary? Perhaps, but you won’t be doing it alone. Since you are holding this card, there's a good chance you will be the captain of the journey though – and every great captain needs a crew. It’s your job to assemble a diverse, open-minded team and provide a space where they all feel safe and secure around each other.


To get off from a great start, here're 3 things you need to consider:

Step 1: Assemble a bunch of great people
The richest futures are built on healthy discussions and different points of view. In order to build futures that are bias-free and inclusive, you should include a diverse set of people with different backgrounds. Don't create a team where everyone looks and thinks like yourself, but focus on assembling a team that cuts across knowledge, gender, cultural background etc. This will bring nuance, discussions, and disagreements which are all necessary parts to create great futures work.

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