What & why

This trust-building activity is a great way for teams to come together and compete with each other. It’s quick, fun and bodily active, and you can use it as a way for a big team to build trust, laughter and a closer connection to each other.


Divide your team into at least 3 smaller groups (3-5 people per group) and ask them to come up with a team name. If they don't know each other so well give them some time to present themselves to each other first. Then tell them about the mission: To build the highest tower in 10 minutes using only whatever elements they have available in the area. Let them know that the "Scarcity Tower" is all about climate change and that the teams will have to strategise not only on how to make a robust and sturdy tower, but also come up with a story around why this tower is the most sustainable "Scarcity Tower" in the world.

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