What & why

When communicating your futures world in an experimental way there's many things to consider. For example: Do you want to bring the audience to the future in order to experience it, or do you want to send something from your future back to the participants? This card focuses on the latter. By introducing a day or situation in your futures world through a first person story that has been made into a video sketch and then sent back to the 'present', you create an easy-to-grasp artefact for your audience to reflect upon and/or discuss strategically.


We propose you make this as a "video diary" because that's a simple way of showing how a normal day in this future differs from life in the early 2020s. But if a 'video' or 'diary' doesn't really fit with your narrative, consider using other words or technologies in order to tell your story. Then follow these steps, either working together as a team, splitting up in smaller groups, or individually:

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