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Sometimes, having built a futures world, the work you have done might feel a bit singular or narrow-minded – almost like you've only been looking at it from one point of view. This card will help you think about all the other perspectives that forms a diversified world. It enables you to broaden the story you're telling by taking on the role of different people, animals, objects etc., and to be creative about how you talk about the world from their perspective. Using this card doesn't have to be a super structured thing – try to use it as a rapid exercise to get your creative brain juices flowing.


The first thing you have to decide on is who you want to focus on for this activity. Make a list of all the different people, robotics, animals and objects you think could add a new perspective to your world. For this exercise, don't think about the users that seem most relevant to your cause, but actually look for people and journeys at the edges of civilization. How is it for example to be extremely old, rich or poor in the society you're building?

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