What & why

Having created a desired future world, it's about time you find out how you would like to explain and capture the world for others to explore. Experiencing and participating is believing – but there are so many ways to give people an experience. This card (and Stage 3 in general) will help you and your team discuss your ambition level, and find out what kind of showpiece is right for you to pursue.


Firstly, you have to agree on who you're communicating your future world to, and make sure you are all clear on 'why them'. Why is this the audience you want to experience your future world? What are you trying to get out of communicating it to them, and how would you like them to respond to it? Next, go through the checklist below to find out how ambitious you can be with your showpiece. When you have a clear answer to each of the questions, take a look at the other cards in Stage 3.

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