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Did you think you were going to communicate your futures world, the signals it's based on and why it matters through a simple conversation or slide show presentation? Well, think again. This card is all about spicing up even the most basic presentation formats and making them memorable through storytelling and physical playfulness. The "No Paper Presentation" method is just one of many cards which you can choose to use for the times where it's not possible to bring your futures world to life through an experience, or when you just have to do small presentations – for example within a workshop. The most important thing is just that you stay creative and try to stear away from explaining the world through post-its, slides and other paper formats.


The objective is to do something different from your usual presentation format. Think about the audience you are going to present for, and what outcome you're hoping to achieve with them. When you are clear on this, then brainstorm on how to do something unexpected and surprising with them.

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