What & why

Love Letters & Hate Tweets is a method for people to take their time and really think about how they feel about a certain project, challenge, place or other. See it as a person you're having a relationship with - the good, the bad and all the in-between. Use it in the beginning of a project or when you feel stuck.


Get the team together and provide everyone with a colourful piece of paper (eg. pink) and a post-it (eg. blue). First tell them to write a love letter addressed to XXX. You decide who XXX is – is it the project itself, is it a concept you've been developing, is it a certain user group or other? No matter 'who' it is, everyone gets about 10 minutes to write them a love letter as if it was a person. And if it turns out that the love letter becomes a break-up letter along the way that's fine too. If people don't know how to get started give them prompts like "dear XXX, I first fell in love with you when..." or "I'm happiest when you and I" or "what makes our relationship a bumpy ride sometimes is..." etc.

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