What & why

In order to address a challenge or an idea in a new way, try to take some time to flow write* about it – first with your right hand and then with your left hand. Your right hand is connected to the left side of your brain, you see, and therefore to the more organised part of your mind. By writing first with your right hand and then with your left you might have unlocked some creative juices in the right side of your brain by the end of this activity.


Give everyone a few minutes to really think about the challenge or concept you are working on. Then hand them a piece of paper and tell them to start flow writing* with their right hand (no matter if they are left or right handed).

They need at least 5 minutes to just write, write, write without deleting or crossing anything out. When time is up, tell them that their right hand is linked to the left side of the brain - the logical, organised side.

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