This workshop is designed to help you home in on your concept and identify the problems that need to be solved for it to become a reality.

A Few Practicalities

Team size: 4 - 16 people
Time: 3 - 6 hours
Format: Physical or digital
Preparation: Yes, a little. Specifically, you need to collect materials for some of the activities and adapt the workshop to your context. The agenda below will guide you through the steps.

What You'll Get From This

  • Various means to explore a problem in an imaginative and tangible manner.
  • Ability to create a safe space open to all perspectives and inputs.
  • A taste of being a diplomatic rebel aka how to walk the fine line between being daring and respectful.


Optional: If you're not running this as a solo session then have a look at Team Up! and Setting the Stage. Once you’ve selected your team, make sure to kick off the workshop by thanking participants for joining (especially if they’re joining from outside your own team) and by explaining what you hope to get out of the session.

Workshop activity overview

Step 1: Once you've gathered your team and told them what your session is all about, it's time to warm up through collective ideation. "Crazy 12s" will set your mind and body free to develop eccentric ideas.

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