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"With Stupid Studio by my side in building this workshop, I was able to lead my team to adventure into the unknown, and welcome fun with open arms. It was incredible to see our cross-functional team fully lean into and ground themselves in the future, where they envisioned incredible solutions and opportunity areas to drive our brand forward. This workshop allowed us to be authentically actionable, question our blind spots, and envision how we can truly change lives through sport."

– Hope, Assistant Designer, Adidas Innovation

Hope led the facilitation of this session with the Adidas' Futures Team in Portland, USA. Their goal was to develop strategies on how to turn their futures thinking into present-day action.

About This Workshop

This workshop is great if you (and your team) are trying to tackle a brand strategy that feels difficult to apply in practice. It will help you travel to different futures, empathise with the inhabitants of those futures, and spot strategic opportunity spaces relevant to your company. Finally, it helps you turn things into action.

A Few Practicalities

Team size: 8-40
Time: 1 day
Format: Physically, together
Preparation: Preparation before session needed

What You'll Get From This

  • A broad understanding of your company's strategy as seen through a future lens.
  • A series of strategic opportunity spaces with a research outline.
  • Actionable futures manifesto statements.
  • Great energy and excitement amongst your team.


First time engaging leaders of your organisation?
We totally understand that it might be a little nerve-racking when engaging with busy leadership. You really feel like the session should be perfect and worth their time. But trust us, if you are taking on the challenge of running this workshop, you are already doing important work and difficult work - you are trying to make the things that haven't happened yet, easier to understand. So just make sure your reasoning behind the session is sharp, give participants a sense of ownership and highlight that their presence is key in anchoring change in the organisation.

Section 0: Kick-off

Step 1: It's show time! Everyone is gathered and ready to get started. "Set the Stage" by answering three questions:
- What do you want to achieve from this? (your objective),
- How does this future-building session fit with your organisation's mission, vision, values and strategy? (brand fit),
- What are you asking the participants to do? (workshop agenda).

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