This is an action-oriented workshop that helps you acid-test one or more concepts.  It will help you gauge your concepts relevance and potentital, and sharpen your ability to communicate it to your peers. It's perfect for teams wanting to explore and sensemake their concepts quickly.

It's also a great session to run, if you need to jumpstart your brain(s) and deploy more of a start-up, rock'n'roll attitude enabling a space for quick trial and error.

A big part of startup-life, is sharpening your pitch; so this workshop will also help you dial in on what value your concept or idea actually brings to your intended audience.

Have fun!

A Few Practicalities

Team size: 1 - 25 people
Time: 2 - 3 hours
Format: Physical or digital
Preparation: Yes, a bit is needed. But apart from adapting the workshop to your context, everything is described below.

What You'll Get From This

  • Tools to help you refine and pitch your idea or concept.
  • Ideas to future-proof your product and make it people and planet-friendly.
  • First steps towards an action-plan, so you can turn your idea into reality.
  • Bonus: A great conversation with a wise and experienced human being.


Optional: If you're not running this as a solo session then have a look at Team Up! and Setting the Stage. Once you’ve selected your team, make sure you kick off the workshop by thanking participants for joining (especially if they’re joining from outside your own team) and explaining what you hope to get out of the session.

Workshop activity overview.

If you're ready to splurge, invite a person with experience from the start-up environment to open the session with an inspiring talk.

Step 1: You’ve come up with a concept you believe in, but your pitch isn’t perfect yet. A great way to test how relevant your product, service or invention may be, is to Explain it to Grandma. Literally call an old and wise person you know, and see if they get as excited as about your idea as you.

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