There’s a couple of ways we can do great things together.

I need help planning a workshop...

Absolutely! The process is simple: First we do a 60 minute call to learn about your workshop, desired output, team size and so on, then we think about what cards would work best for you, connect again and walk you through our workshop plan.

Book standard planning session here

I need help with facilitation...

If you like our framework and approach, but need help facilitating, look no further. We have a team of incredibly skilled facilitators with deep experience in running futures-oriented workshops with diverse teams.

Simply get in touch to discuss.

I need strategic sparring on….

If your challenge sits in the domain of fostering change, tackling innovation and thinking up the new, then we’d be happy to provide strategic sparring. Our approach to these things is experiential, playful and co-creative, as we’ve seen the power of that though numerous collaborations.

Book a session with our founder Daniel Gjøde here, for a first conversation.

I want to learn how to facilitate with Sensible Futures

Fantastic! We’d love to teach you. While we are developing both a training program and a certification, we think the best way for you to get started is by using our methods in real life, and join our Slack Channel where we are happy to offer our tips, tricks and guidance.

Please also express your interest in our future training program by signing up here.

Do you work with schools or universities?

Yes! We genuinely want to establish partnerships with any university or higher education that works seriously with futures thinking and doing. Among other things, we can offer all students free access to all our methods and tools as part of a partnership.

Please get in touch if you like to learn more about our partnership program.

Do you do talks and workshops at events and conferences?

We do! We love to share what we’ve learned to enable more to create positive change – especially if we can do it through co-creative activities. Conferences are one example of an event, where Sensible Futures, well, makes a lot of sense – because many of our methods are great to bring strangers closer together, and leverage the wisdom of the many.

Reach out to discuss best format for your event.

We need to shake our design/innovation/strategy teams together...

We have a bigger, more foundational need to rethink how we succeed with our design and innovation efforts... 

We know. And we can say that with some certainty, because most organisations today are struggling to keep up with the World.

We see a lot of design teams in big corporations struggling these days. Their capabilities and possible contributions are simply not being put into play, and they are generally stuck in old ways of thinking and operating. 

We chose to engage exclusively in collaboration like these, when the organisaiton in question is value-driven and impact focused, when there's a clear mandate to change the status quo, and where leadership understands the value of hands-on, minds-on collaboration across silos: That's where we know change unfolds, and where we can help accellerate things for the better. 

If that feels like you, please reach out to have a first conversation. 

Hire us to run one or more futures workshops with your team and enable your team to design tangible scenarios that drives actionable innovation.

Our playful, action-oriented workshops & sessions will help you bring your team together to design a desirable future for people, planet and your business.

We choose to engage only with value-driven, impact organisations.

Some of our clients