Great question!
Sensible Futures is three things:

  1. A set of methods and activities to help leaders and facilitators design and implement better futures in in their organisations and communities
  2. A small, growing community of likeminded change-makers eager to change things for the better.
  3. A futures consultancy helping impact companies transition into better versions of themselves.

A World of Chaos?

Foresight Practitioners say we now live in a VUCA World. One that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous to navigate. Nowadays, that ought to be clear to most. The interesting question is rather: What can be done about it.

We believe that we – as designers – have the ability and angency to accellerate change. We've been trained to navigate in uncertainty and ambiguity, most of the times in really complex contexts.

As a consultancy, we've done that for many many years, but we feel there's an opportunity to scale our impact by democratising our methods and tools. To share how we hace succesfully set change in motion in organisations, big and small.

Getting Started

If you're a facilitator or a leader curious to explore how Sensible Futures can be used, head on over to our Getting Started article, or simply become a member straight away.

If you represent a design school or a higher education, we offer partnerships where students have free, unlimited access to our methods. Just get in touch.

Apart from the individal professional plans we have, you can also get in touch to get your entire team or organisation going with our methods.

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